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About Adina!

Alkaline with Adina

Hello beautiful people... I am Adina Yaffa. I’m am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve you all. I have been on my journey to an amazing lifestyle of health and fitness for well over 5 years and have been an alkaline “vegan” for 3 1/2.

I began my journey looking for ways to improve my health while simultaneously achieving my dream body. It all started with trying several plans that enabled me to transition into a healthy disciplined lifestyle. But what I noticed were that many plans focused heavily on the fitness aspect and lacked on the health education aspect. I was getting fit but the food and dietary supplements I was eating were targeted towards those goals and lacked research on what the food and products did to the body in the long run. Also, while I appeared to look great on the outside, I was suffering from allergies. I knew that something wasn’t right and always felt it has something to do with the food and supplements I was ingesting. It was when I saw a documentary called “Forks over Knives” when my mind was opened to a plant based lifestyle. They specifically said  all diseases and ailments stemmed from our nutrition. My questions had finally been answered! From there I continued my journey by doing more research. That’s when I gratefully landed on Dr. Sebi. I learned the Sebian way and havent turned back since! By following Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide and using only herbal supplements he suggested I cured myself (with his guidance) of my allergies. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. Flu season where?!

Through trial and error I continued to find out what worked best for overall health and fitness. I realized it began with restoring the body to its natural alkaline balance by cleansing it of toxins and replenishing it with minerals. At the same time that I was able to prevent my body from sickness and reverse the dis-ease i was feeling, I was also able to build lean muscle mass. My nutritional programs are a compilation of what has worked for me along my journey as well as helping friends, loved ones and years of research. I know I will be able to help you too! Let’s get started on this journey to amazing health and fitness together!